Feeding Visits

I currently offer breastfeeding support, including phone consultations, in-home and office visits. Contact me if you are in need of breastfeeding or bottle feeding support and I will be happy to discuss options with you.

I have many, many very happy clients- please see my testimonials page or check out my facebook page for more.

In-Home Feeding Visit

Get support in the comfort of your own home

First in-home visit is 2-2.5+ hours, $325

Follow Up in-home visits are around 2 hours, $225

Please Note: Home Visits only are available on a very limited basis in September 2019. If you have a baby under one week old, multiples under 6 weeks old, or a baby just home from the NICU please contact me to schedule a home visit during the month of September 2019. All others can easily schedule an office visit, or you can also contact me for any availability if these circumstances do not apply to you but you would prefer a home visit.

office Feeding visit

Come to my cozy, easy to find office

First office visit is 2 hours, $250

Follow Up office visit are 60 minutes, $100

Often more than one office visit is needed

Office location:

Willow Health & Wellness

3090 Belgium Rd, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

home/office Visits includeS:

  • My billing agency submitting your paperwork to your insurance company for your claim

  • Detailed history

  • Assessment of breasts and nipples (as needed)

  • Assist with positioning and latch

  • Observation of a feeding

  • Assessment of the child's oral anatomy & suck

  • Evaluation of milk transfer

  • Weight Check and pre/post weight if indicated

  • Investigate cause of sore nipples

  • Provide education and support for newborn care

  • Care Plan based on your goals

  • List of resources for your specific challenges

  • For older babies, discussion of issues related to weight gain, milk transfer, symptoms, solids, and/or returning to work as needed

Follow Up Packages and a la carte services are available here, and information is available here.

Though I cannot guarantee a that you will reach all of your breastfeeding goals, I always do my best to support you during the time we work together and provide you extensive knowledge and resources to reach your goals.

Please note that many in-depth breastfeeding issues (such as non-latching babies, low supply/low weight gain, medical complications with parent or baby) may require more than one visit. 

Higher fees may apply for extra travel and holidays/weekends and multiples.

I specialize in complicated breastfeeding situations, especially including:

  • tongue and lip tie

  • low supply

  • low weight gain

  • nipple and breast pain

  • oversupply

  • non-latching babies

  • pumping and exclusive pumping

  • recurrent plugs/mastitis

  • engorgement

  • older nurslings

  • tandem nursing

  • returning to work

  • starting solids

  • reaching short and long term feeding goals

  • multiples

  • bottle feeding

  • re-lactation and induced lactation

  • and much more

I am experienced with nursing babies & children of all ages, from the moment of birth all the way up. 

Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation

Set yourself up for feeling confident in the first few weeks

Office, $175

May include the following (each consultation is customized):

  • Detailed history & Examination of breasts and nipples (as needed)

  • Learn the importance of skin to skin and the hours after birth

  • Learn about breastmilk, breast anatomy and how your body produces milk

  • Positioning techniques and tricks & the secrets to a great latch

  • What to expect the first few days and weeks

  • How to know that your baby is getting enough milk

  • How to work your breast pump and choose the right size flange

  • Safe infant sleep

  • Customized Breastfeeding Plan

  • General Postpartum Plan

  • Any follow up questions on our prenatal appointment, resources I share,

    or care plans I give in the weeks after our prenatal visit



Full payment is due at the time of service, no matter the type of insurance reimbursement you may receive. Cash or personal check preferred and major credit cards (including HSA/FSA account cards) accepted.

***New INSURANCE Service as of Summer 2018***

I have hired a billing agency to submit your claim for you, if you wish. I am currently offering this free of charge. Unfortunately, I cannot offer this service for Blue Cross/Blue Shield clients as BCBS will not accept anything from my biller at this time.*

You always have the choice to use my billing agency - if you want to submit to your insurance yourself, please let me know and I will give you a form (superbill) to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement of the cost of the consult.

No matter the insurance plan or who submits the superbill, reimbursement is not guaranteed- though we do try our best to get you reimbursed.

Calling your insurance company to ask their policies and to submit for pre-approval is suggested. Please let them know your visit with me is urgent and request a rush on the process.

Though I am not in-network for any insurance providers, if there are no other in-network IBCLCs locally, it is my understanding that I must be covered as an out-of-network provider. 

If you have Aetna health insurance, often 6 visits with me are fully covered, even though I am not in network. Prior authorization with Aetna is needed. Other insurances are also supposed to cover my visits with no co-pay/deductible, and I have seen variability in coverage.

Please see this document for more information and for an appeals process:


And this document for more information about when breastfeeding is covered:


From Best for Babes: Are Lactation Consultants Too Pricey?

More info about billing for BCBS:

A note for all Blue Cross/Blue Shield clients as of July 2019:

BCBS refusing to accept claims submitted by my biller, even though my BCBS clients have gotten reimbursement using this process for the past year.

Until further notice you will have to submit the claim yourself. I will give you instructions for this process and give you a superbill.

I will not be able to correspond directly with your insurance in any way. This includes writing letters, talking on the phone, or submitting any paperwork beyond the 3 key items they require: a claim form, a claim and a superbill.

For all of my visits and claims I have never been able to guarantee any reimbursement, though I always do my best to get my clients what they should be getting from their insurance, and many of my client have received full or partial reimbursement.

Lactation *should* be covered according to the Affordable Healthcare Act.